The Art of Rough

Rough Diamond Truths

Only one out of thousands of diamonds have enough character and distinctness to be selected by Diamond in the Rough.

  • Diamond in the Rough sources an enormous amount of rough diamonds, only to accept one to three percent of the diamonds we evaluate.

    We examine thousands of rough diamonds to find a handful that meet our standards without cutting or polishing, and, moreover, to bear our name. Although many diamonds can look beautiful once cut, they lack the intrinsic artistic integrity all Diamond in the Rough stones possess.

  • Unlike virtually all other jewelry brands, we customize each piece to emphasize the natural beauty of the stone.

    Our jeweler and designers draw their inspiration from the diamond itself, and carefully develop the designs that best showcase the rough's natural beauty. We consider the best angle to place the stone and determine the most flattering setting. Although it requires significantly more labor, each one of a kind setting is cast around the facets of the specific diamond, ensuring that you receive a truly exceptional piece.

  • The value of a diamond lies in its rough, untouched state.

    Polished diamonds are valuable because the rough diamond was precious to begin with and, contrary to popular belief, cutting and polishing a diamond adds only a small fraction to its overall value. Because Diamond in the Rough selects diamonds that are already naturally perfect, traditional processing is unnecessary which means not even a single ounce of their amazing appearance has to be sacrificed.

  • Every rough diamond is as unique as a fingerprint.

    Like a human's fingerprint, no two diamonds are ever the same. Since it takes 1-3 billion years and a multitude of factors to create and form a diamond, each contains its own unique traits and characteristics.

  • Rough diamonds come in a huge spectrum of colors.

    It's no coincidence that some of the most famous diamonds in the world are color diamonds. Found in only a few places around the globe, these unique stones form only when certain gasses and elements interact with carbon atoms during diamond creation to create a distinct shade. At Diamond in the Rough, we work with all shades to create a distinct and fashion forward look.

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