Ethical Sourcing

Our passion for creating one-of-a-kind diamond rings that our clients fall in love with is evident in everything from our design process to our ethical sourcing. Diamond in the Rough certifies that all of our diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free. Every rough diamond bearing our name has been purchased from countries that participate in the Kimberley Process Certification. The Kimberley Process was established in 2003 as a means of preventing diamond sales from financing violent crimes.  It is an international cooperative diamond monitoring system created to eliminate the flow of “conflict diamonds” and is our guarantee that each Diamond in the Rough stone is sourced responsibly.

A Diamond in the Rough Authenticity Certificate is included with each purchase to certify the authenticity and integrity of your Diamond in the Rough piece. Each certificate contains an identification number unique to only your particular purchase. The Diamond in the Rough Certificate assures our continued commitment to assuring you love your piece as much years from now as the day you received it.

In addition to Diamond in the Rough Autenticity Certificate, each Bridal Ring comes with an addition Gemological Certificate. The Lab Certificate is a third party, which confirms important information about your piece including the number of diamonds and total carat weight.

Since 2005, Diamond in the Rough has been committed to redefining perceptions of diamond jewelry by maximizing the intrinsic beauty of rough diamonds in their untouched form. We stand by our products and aim to make each customer feel like family. If you have a concern about a particular product, please contact customer service at, Tel: +1-917-985-8482

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