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The Diamond in the Rough Difference

Our mission is to showcase not only the best natural rough diamonds in the world, but the best of the best.

Sourcing only the best

Diamond in the Rough is the only jewelry company that uses natural rough diamonds of this caliber and we pride ourselves in bringing only the finest diamonds to each of our clients. We only source conflict-free diamonds that are certified by the Kimberley Process. Ethical sourcing is the highest priority for us and you can rest assured when purchasing a piece of our jewelery.

We source the majority of our one-of-a-kind, conflict-free diamonds from South Africa, Russia, and Australia.

One of a kind works of art

The diamonds used in Diamond in the Rough pieces are evaluated on a variety of measurable factors including carat weight, color, and natural shape, but also on their inherent beauty and rarity in nature. Since each of our diamonds are one of a kind, they cannot be measured using a typical standardized scale. Instead, like a work of art, each diamond is carefully examined for its profound beauty and its occurrence as a natural phenomena.

We examine thousands of rough diamonds for the most unique in color, shape and radiance and ultimately choose only a few to bear our name. We go through great measures to find only the best representations of natural diamonds to showcase in our pieces. We then study each individual stone, and a setting worthy of showcasing its brilliance is created in response to its natural characteristics.

Our Rough Diamond Assessment Criteria

  • Color

    Rough comes in a huge spectrum of colors including white, cream, yellow, black, green, cognac, pink, and red. Color is very apparent and easily seen in its natural rough state as opposed to a polished state. Whether it’s a color or perfectly colorless diamond, all our stones possess a unique energy that radiates from within.

  • Carat

    Stones of differing carat weights are selected and set in our various designs but we never let carat weight be the deciding factor in our selection or yours. Our pieces range from under a carat to over 200 carats.

  • Clarity

    We celebrate each stone’s intrinsic traits and distinctness. Some inclusions which would be taken out by a cutter can actually be the “life” of a rough diamond and when taken away would make it look generic.

  • Shape

    Diamond in the Rough only selects stones that are naturally beautiful. To us, “cut” is replaced by the inherent shape the diamond possesses, which is unique to the stone and one of a kind. Our diamonds are so beautiful and already perfectly created by Mother Nature, that to cut them would be like damaging a true treasure.

  • Character

    The above four traits all contribute to what is the most important “C” of our diamonds-- its character. Each diamond’s unique and distinct features create its own character, guaranteeing no other diamond like it exists in the world.

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